Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update On The Podcast

Hey guys!

Sorry for the hiatus. I wanted to give everyone an update about what's going on with the podcast and why there hasn't been a new episode.

So, basically... the website I was using to put the episodes on iTunes has stopped supporting only MP3 uploads.

This gives us two options, because basically I cannot afford to pay a place yet.

I'm going to create a YouTube channel specifically for the podcast where videos of the episodes (Some maybe actual video podcasts.)

And an audio only version will be available for download.

I think this will be really helpful. So, we'll try this out with the next episode.

And speaking of which, the last recorded episode I have is horrible quality. You couldn't hear half my guests and one of my guests slept through half of the episode.

So, I will be recording a podcast legit with my friends soon and there's a possibility it will be a video podcast, but not 100%.

Next order of business...

I am looking for Theme Songs. Basically... I will make a formal post about it, so consider this your head start. If you like the podcast and would want to help out and get mentioned, I'll set up an email where you can send a 30 second to a minute theme song. It can be MCR covers, remixes, original songs based on the show, or randomness. However, you must be the one who created it and if you didn't create it, but you wanna submit one you found, please mention this and send the link to the artist so that they can be credited.

Also, speaking of which, the next episode will feature a new feature called "The Links" basically, its gonna be a list of links to things we talk about in the show, in case you're curious.

I wanted to mention that everyone should check out The Webways | MCRchives. Mmm. I love the term MCRchives. xD Anyways, this website has butt loads of cool stuff (including a mention of this podcast!) So go show some love to those projects!

Thanks so much for listening and I appreciate your interest! We're ready to bust out some new eppys! :D

xx Laurie


  1. I've been trying to post a comment on here for ages, thanking you for the Webways mention!

    Looking forward to some new podcasts. :)


    1. Glad you got through, and thank you for listing the podcast on TheWebways! :D

      As soon as I can sit down and go through the three/four hours of podcast stuff I have recorded from June I will be posting a new one on YouTube. Its great footage because I had two male guests, and one of which was an outsider to the MCR fandom (he's heard a couple of songs, and was a friend of two of my guests and wanted to sit in) and he had some great feedback from the point of view of an outsider. Interesting stuff! :) Plus talks about Bamboozle and such. xD