Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Chemical Podcast - Episode 5; Zoe's Tour Memories

I have a chat with Kali (@FiReArNoK), Zoe (@racingthesunset), and Razzle (@NikkoleRazzle) about Zoe's experiences at her shows for the World Contamination Tour.

In case you haven't heard, you can now get new episodes of My Chemical Podcast on iTunes. You can download them and put them on your iPod for listening on the go, if you feel like doing that.

Also, coming soon will be an "On The Road" edition of My Chemical Podcast covering my trip to Indiana & Detroit for the Honda Civic Tour as well as past MCR Tour stories from MCRmy Tour veterans Frick aka Miranda (@PrincessFrick) and Frack aka Amanda (@frkmrdr) and others.

Also also be putting out a tour diary video on my MCR youtube channel, which I'll link to later.

Sorry about the delays with episodes, I was moving this summer, and now I've started school and yeah. There should be a steady stream of podcasts soon. As always, thanks for listening.

Click here to listen online!

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