Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Chemical Podcast - Episode 1; Nerd Talk

My guest for this episode of My Chemical Podcast is @R_X_Queen aka Nikki. We talk about Ray's Mysterious Tampa Tweet, Recent Performances & Carson Daly taping, the Band's Hygiene as of late, & Danger Days.. But also we chat about other topics that came up. Nikki also leaves me a message while I am out of the room.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.

If you can create a theme song for my podcast, feel free to leave a comment or tweet @xslaughtermatic on twitter.

Also, I am accepting ideas for My Chemical Romance games to play with my guests. :) Again you can comment you opinions or tweet @xslaughtermatic.

In case you didn't notice, the opening/closing song is "Mastas of Ravenkroft" by My Chemical Romance as Mad Gear & The Missile Kid from "The Mad Gear & Missile Kid EP"

My Chemical Podcast - Episode 1; Nerd Talk

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